Thursday 16 January 2014

Club History: Season 1975
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The third year since the inception of Fairfield Patrician Brothers Football Club saw the club enter four teams into the Southern Districts Football Association.

Pats entered teams within the under 12, 13, 14 and 15s age groups with Southern Districts Football competitions going on to taste success in the under 15s competition. In actual fact the club exceeded expectations in all age groups finishing second within the 12s and 14s age groups and third with the u13s competition.

1975 also brought with it the induction of 13 parents to the club's committee. The committee would prove instrumental in guiding the club through organisation of events to raise money and gain sponsorship. 

The season also marked the first year of the club playing home games at Fairfield Park. This was in contrast to previous years where home games were played at Smithfield Oval, sharing the ground with other clubs. 

Moving to such a field required much support and once again it was the parents, led by the committee who proved ever reliable. Tasks including supervision of the grounds, marking of lines and obtaining managers and coaches we undertaken willingly and voluntarily. 

One notable mention goes to the Goddard family who would use there station wagon as the club's tuckshop on numerous occasions. 

It was a truly successful year for the club.

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About the Club Established in 1973, Fairfield Patrician Brothers Football Club acts as an irreplaceable part of the Southern Districts Football Association


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